Short Depth Server Chassis

Short Depth Chassis are somewhat of a limited market. Most standard 19" server racks are designed for servers that are 20-30" in depth. Datacenter racks are typically 30+ inches deep to accomodate a deep server and all of the associated cabling. In contrast, short-depth or A/V racks are typically around 20" deep, which limits the type of equipment that can be installed. The market for these servers is more limited, as most datacenters are looking to achieve density in their racks, and due to hot/cold isle placement, it would not make sense to locate servers on both sides of the rack.

We have also put together a few other resources on Short Depth Rack Mount Equipment, including:

Offerings from SuperMicro

SuperMicro offers a small number of Short-Depth Server Chassis, in 1U and 2U form factor. These include the SC502/SC503, SC510/SC510T, SC512/SC513, SC512F, SC514, SC813 (20"), SC113M (20"),  SC825M, SC823M, and SC523L.

Offerings from PlinkUSA

PlinkUSA provides a wide range of short-depth server chassis, however the models WLNet has purchased generally suffer from poor production design and production quality. In a 2019 2U build, the rear IO window didn't line up with the expansion cards.